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Salt Spray (Fog) Testing ASTM B-117-97
Report #: 0901PFB, September 2001
1.0    SCOPE:
This test method employs photographic reference standards to evaluate the degree of blistering
that may develop when paint systems are subjected to conditions which will cause blistering.
While primarily intended for use on metal and other nonporous surfaces, this test method may
be used to evaluate blisters on porous surfaces, such as wood, if the size of the blisters falls
within the scope of these reference standards.  When the reference standards are used as a
specification of performance, the permissible degree of blistering of the paint system shall be
agreed upon by the purchaser and the seller.

A phenomenon peculiar to painted surfaces is the formation of blisters relative to some system
weakness. This test method provides a standard procedure of describing the size and density of
the blisters so that comparisons of severity can be made.

The photographic reference standards are glossy prints.  Figures 1 to 4 are reproductions of these
standards and are included to illustrate two characteristics of blistering size and frequency.
Size: Reference standards have been selected for four steps as to size on a numerical scale from
10 to 0, in which No. 10 represents no blisterin listering standard No. 8 represents the smallest
size blister easily seen by the unaided eye. Blistering standards Nos. 6, 4, and 2 represent
progressively larger sizes. Frequency: Reference standards have been selected for four steps in
frequency at each step in size, designated as follows:

                        Dense      -     Medium Dense     -      Medium     -     Few

The apparatus required for salt spray (fog) testing consists of a fog chamber, a salt solution
reservoir, a supply of suitably conditioned compressed air, one or more atomizing nozzles,
specimen supports, provision for heating the chamber, and necessary means of control.  A scratch
or scribed line shall be made through the coating with a sharp instrument so as to expose the
underlying metal before testing.  The salt solution shall be prepared by dissolving 5 1 parts by
weight of sodium chloride in 95 parts of water.

5.0    RESULTS:

SAMPLES for TESTING (All samples scribed on side prior to placing in salt fog apparatus)

SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION Observations after 1 week Observations after 3 weeks
#6 Dense on Panel
#4 Medium at Scribe
#6 Dense on Panel
#4 Medium at Scribe
#4 Medium on Panel
#4 Medium on Panel
#4 Medium at Scribe
#4 Medium Dense
#2 Medium Dense
#6 Few at Scribe
#6 Few at Scribe
CONTROL SAMPLE: Gloss White - Industrial Oil Based High Performance Enamel
#8 Medium at Scribe
Slight Staining
#8 Medium at Scribe
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